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Check out our YouTube Channel - YouTube special.  JB Performance will install your Competition Werkes Exhaust FREE 

In Return, all we need is your MotorBike amd permission to post the install procedure on YouTube



                            PRO-FIBER Racing Fairing                                            CARBONIN Racing Fairings











*Due to the fluctuating foreign exchange, we have to raise the prices of all fairings and exhausts to keep viable

Why choose JB Performance products and fairings over the rest?

  1. We only supply products of the highest quality and have verified that a majority of these do infact FIT!!!!!
  2. Even the standard fairings we supply are top quality.  These fairings are made of AVIO fibre, which is basically as strong and as light as carbon fibre but without the high costs.
  3. All fairings are finished in an "easy grind" white gelcoat, most don't even need painting, just fit and ride.
  4. ALL fairings are made in Europe.  We do give you the option to by Chinese at a saving, but cannot guarantee that the fairings will fit as sweetly.
  5. Not too sure about fitting the fairings yourself?  JB Performance can organise fitting or give you some handy hints on doing them yourselves.

Some INFO you need to know when buying JB Performance products:

  1. We order direct from the manufacturer to reduce costs for the buyer.
  2. All race fairings are NOT pre-drilled.  While there are generally locating marks and dzus tabs you can use as a guide, you still need to take your time and use the old addage, measure twice and drill once.
  3. Don't see the products you want on our website?  Drop me a line or give a call and they'll be on the site pronto!


Any questions, please contact me via email or give me a call - 0439 715822 


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